DSAW, a Dynamic and Static Aspect Weaver

This project is aimed at investigating the benefits of both (really) dynamic and static aspect weaving. Its development steps are:

  1. READY AOP. Unlike a lot of dynamic AOP approaches, unweaving and reweaving during runtime should be possible, even at join-points that are not woven before. That means that there is no real coupling between aspects and components. An aspect must be able to adapt a running application, even if the former was created after the execution of the latter. Moreover, Ready AOP is language and platform independent system and it has a set of join-points wider to most existing dynamic weaving tools. This step has concluded in 2007.

  2. DSAW. An aspect platform that support both static and dynamic weaving. DSAW is an extension of Ready AOP and offers the better performance of static weaving and the agile interactive development of dynamic weaving in a transparent way. It is an AOSD platform that offers the benefits of both dynamic and static weaving, making possible the transition from dynamic to static weaving and the other way around. This is the current phase under development.

  3. IDE integration. Integrate DSAW in Visual Studio 2008 to facilitate the development of aspect-oriented applications.